Division of Real Property

Dividing the home you have built with another person can be a difficult decision to make and follow through with. Emotions, hurt feelings and the uncertainty of the future can all impact the position each party takes take during settlement proceedings.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers offer over 20 years of experience to married couples and common-law couples, guiding them towards fair and reasonable solutions. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our legal team will provide you with comprehensive advice and support to help you move forward after a separation or divorce.

The Matrimonial Home and Jointly Held Real Estate

Regardless of whether you are a married couple or a common-law couple, British Columbia legislation generally treats the division of property for each relationship the same way. Whether one person wants to keep the home or you want to force the sale of the property, our legal team will advise you on the options you have to divide the matrimonial home.

We also leverage extensive experience with dividing additional properties, such as cottages, vacation homes, recreational properties and other high-asset interests. We know when certain items are included as family property, and what can be excluded.

Providing Personalized, Meaningful Solutions

Different resolutions work for different couples, depending on their specific needs. What will work for one couple may not work for another. The more we know about your situation, the more we can advise you on solutions or strategies you may not have considered – but that target the same goals you have in mind.

The lawyers of Henderson Heinrichs LLP take the time to thoroughly get to know you and learn what goals you want to achieve during your settlement proceedings.

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