Comprehensive Legal Advice For Dividing Pensions And RRSPs

Pensions and retirement plans are specific types of accounts that are not treated the same way as other assets during separation and divorce proceedings. When dividing these assets, you must comply with some existing legislation, as well as decide upon matters over which you and your partner retain some control.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice on your legal options regarding pensions and registered retirement savings plans. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we will inform you of how current provincial legislation applies to your situation, and how to protect your investments from the outstanding issues in your matter.

Breaking Down Complex Issues

For many couples, dividing pensions and retirement plans boils down to a valuation issue:

  • How much the investment is worth?
  • What parts of the investments are excluded?
  • What is the value of my contributions?
  • Are there tax implications involved?

To help you understand the decisions you need to make, our legal team will advise you on:

  • The key legal issues that need to be addressed;
  • The legal strategies that protect your interests; and,
  • The risks involved with each outcome.

Customized Legal Solutions For You

In order to meet the different needs of our clients, we make sure that we tailor our approach to your specific situation. In some cases, mediation works best. In others, we may have to bring the issue to court.

Sometimes, clients know very little about this area of the law. In these cases, we provide a comprehensive explanation as to how the law applies to your situation, and how different strategies can affect your long-term goals. For others, we can get right into the complex legal issues. Our lawyers ensure that we personalize our approach to help deliver the information you need to make an informed decision.

Questions? Arrange A Free Half-Hour Consultation

Pensions and RRSPs are crucial to your future. Contact Henderson Heinrichs LLP for effective legal advice on how to protect your interests following the breakdown of a relationship. Call our lawyers at 1-844-669-3500 or set-up a free half-hour consultation using our online booking form.