Negotiating and Drafting Effective Separation Agreements

After a relationship has ended, be it a marriage or a common-law relationship, there are almost always issues that need to be worked out and decisions that need to be made.  Dividing property, dealing with child related issues, figuring out whether support (spousal or child) needs to be paid, all can cause confusion and anxiety. If the parties proceed to court, a judge will eventually make final decisions about these issues. However, many couples find it easier to negotiate the terms of a separation between themselves which gives them control over the outcome. If the parties reach a negotiated settlement, the terms can be written up in a binding separation agreement.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our firm’s sole focus is on resolving contentious issues between married and common-law couples after their separation. At our Vancouver, British Columbia office, we assist our clients by helping them negotiate fair and binding agreements with their former partners, and by drafting effective separation agreements that are fair and protect our client’s interests.

Putting The Control In Your Hands

Negotiating and drafting a separation agreement means you get to settle your issues instead of having a judge make those decisions.  Our Vancouver family lawyers will advise you on what your best negotiation and mediation strategies are, and they will work you to identify which issues need to be addressed and decided.

Once we get to know you, and the issues that matter to you, we will develop a legal strategy that targets the results you want to see.

Protecting Your Interests

Creating a separation agreement through negotiation or meditation works well because as your lawyers, we know you, your family situation, and what matters most to you during these proceedings. We will be absolutely honest with you and will not ‘candy-coat’ our advice. We will help you to understand the law, your obligations, and what rights you have.  We will learn what you want to achieve, and what is important to you, and will negotiate on issues like support, child care and division of property to achieve your best result.

Discover How Our Lawyers Can Assist You

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