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Custody, Guardianship, and Decision-making

Guiding Parents Through Issues of Custody, Guardianship And Decision-making

Parenting can be challenging when a child’s time is split between two homes. Deciding on access, parenting time — even which holidays you spend with your child — can be difficult if your co-parenting relationship with your child’s other parent is not on good terms.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers offer objective, practical legal advice aimed at protecting the best interests of your children. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, you will receive legal guidance and support from our legal team on how to effectively resolve issues of custody and decision-making power following a separation.

Determining Child Custody

Many parents may not realize that the term “custody” does not necessarily mean which parent will a child live with. Custody is generally about day-to-day decision-making, whereas the term “parenting time” or “access” is about time spent with a child.  Sole custody does not necessarily mean that the child only has contact with one parent. A parent can have sole custody, and still allow their children to spend time at the other parent’s home.

In cases where parents are unable to provide care or stability, we also litigate applications for guardianship over children. We also advocate for grandparents and other related parties to have visitation access or, if necessary, custodial rights.

Navigating You Through the Complexities Of Decision-Making

Even if one parent maintains sole custody of a child pursuant to an order of the court or by agreement between the parties, the other parent can apply for an order to change the order or agreement. The same can be said for joint custody. If decisions are not being made in the child’s best interests, or if there is a situational change that affects the well-being of your child, the custody order may need to be varied.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers have extensive experience with resolving children’s issues among parents. Especially where young children are involved, you will need to interact with each other for a number of years, so clearly defined parental responsibilities are crucial to avoid conflicts.

Protect the Best Interests Of Your Child

Find out what legal options you have to parent your child following a separation. Call Henderson Heinrichs LLP at  1-844-669-3500 or arrange a free, half hour consultation through our online enquiry form.


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