Arranging Parenting Time With Your Children

It can be difficult for a child to adjust to a life divided between two homes. At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers understand how separation can impact all members of a family.  At our office in Vancouver, British Columbia, we assist parents with this transition and provide guidance in developing meaningful relationships with their children.

Developing an Effective Parenting Plan

Who will pick up your children after school? Who will take them to get their haircut on the weekend? These are the types of details that can create conflicts between separated parents.

Because you will be interacting with your former spouse as your child grows up, it is best to come to an agreement about how you will settle these issues.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our lawyers offer over 20 years of experience assisting parents with developing effective parenting plans. We do this by listening to our clients, identifying your goals, and then offering an objective perspective on how you can achieve outcomes that align with your goals.

Guiding You Through Difficult and Challenging Situations

Whatever your situation may be, our lawyers will provide you with a realistic assessment of your options. If you are in a situation that is unsuitable or unsafe for a child, we will provide you with the resources and help to support your safety and well-being and that of your child, and outline your options for achieving your desired outcomes.

Have Your Case Assessed Today

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