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Property Division

Guiding Married And Common-law Couples Through Property Division

You will have to deal with many issues when you face a separation or divorce, and one of the most important will be how to divide up the property and assets that you and your partner have.  Whether a house, an investment, a pension, or the many items that you have in your household, “who gets what?” is a common source of confusion and worry.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers have over 20 years of experience resolving property issues between married and common-law couples. at our offices in the downtown core of Vancouver, British Columbia our lawyers offer legal advice and support on:


The lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs LLP have a comprehensive knowledge of family law which allows us to advise you on legal processes that work best for you.  Dividing property can be a complicated task, and we will advise you on what your property rights are and on what you should keep after the separation.  We will stand up for those rights and protect your interests.  We will make sure that you understand the laws and take the time to understand the bigger picture so that our advice is based on your priorities.

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