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I do not hesitate to say exactly what I think, and I will not sugar-coat my opinion of a client’s situation. Every client has a right to know exactly what their legal situation is, to know what is possible and what is not.

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Kevin is a partner at Henderson Heinrichs. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University in 1988 with a major in Political Science and a German minor. In 1989, he began attending Dalhousie Law School in Nova Scotia and graduated in 1992. After articling for one year, Kevin passed the British Columbia Bar in 1993. Since then, he has practiced solely in the area of family law. Kevin has appeared in all levels of the British Columbia court system and has lectured in the community on all aspects of family law.

In 1997, Kevin and his business partner, Rain Henderson, set out to create a law firm which would provide legal advice to clients on the whole range of family law issues, but without the pretension sometimes associated with that business. The breakdown of a relationship causes people enough stress and confusion, and their aim in forming Henderson Heinrichs was to make sure that the legal process did not add to that stress.

Kevin believes it is very important that people understand what the law says about their situations, that they know how the legal process works and that they make the decisions that affect their lives. Because of that, he involves his clients in every facet of the process, from initial discussions regarding what is possible, to negotiations, to court appearances. He consults with his clients every step of the way and presents all options and advice to them in a clear, unconfusing manner so that they can decide what is best for themselves.

Because he has practiced family law since 1993, Kevin’s opinions and advice are valuable. He can often present options that clients do not realize exist and give his true opinion on the expectations that clients present. Kevin does not hesitate to say exactly what he thinks, and will not sugar-coat his opinion of a client’s situation. Every client has a right to know exactly what their legal situation is, to know what is possible and what is not.

Kevin believes that negotiation is important, and if acrimonious and expensive court attendances can be avoided without hurting his clients’ interests, settlement is certainly something which should be explored. He will not, however, advise clients to settle when it would hurt their interests, and will not shy away from tenaciously challenging an unfair position in court.

Of all the family law issues his clients face, the most difficult and the most important are those dealing with children. Kevin believes that children’s interests must be placed at the forefront when a relationship breaks down, and that they must be avidly protected. It is important that clients understand what words like guardianship, parenting responsibilities and parenting time mean so that they can make informed decisions regarding their children’s futures. It is equally important that they be informed about all available options regarding their children so that they do not have to settle for anything less than what is best.

Kevin will continue to practice family law in the manner that Henderson Heinrichs has come to stand for, and he looks forward to meeting with anyone who needs assistance, guidance and clarity.
When he is not in the office, Kevin is far from bored. He spends his free time oil painting, cooking and, when the weather cooperates, cycling. He also gladly chats with the very few other people he knows who find Formula One racing exciting.


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