A separation or a divorce can bring many changes with it, and when you have children those changes can be complicated. One of the biggest changes can be a parental relocation. Faced with a new job, a new relationship or a shift in finances might bring with it the need for a parent to move. Whether that relocation is across the city, to the other side of the province or country, or overseas, it can bring with it a host of problems and issues. Relocations can make it more difficult for children to see both their parents, it can create holiday scheduling problems and raise the cost of exercising parenting time. Before making any decisions about a potential move, it is important to have the right information and good advice.

Knowing the Law

Whenever the court is asked to decide where a child should live, it bases its decision on what is best for the child. While that may sound simple, there are many factors that a court must examine and weigh when making that decision. These include such elements as the child’s health and emotional well-being, the history of the child’s care, the child’s need for stability at his or her age and stage of development, the ability of each parent to look after the child, and, where appropriate, the child’s views. The court will examine these and other factors and will place more or less weight on one factor or another depending on the individual circumstances of each case. Case law regarding these mobility issues is constantly changing and we will be able to let you know how the current state of the law affects you.

What Can We Do For You?

Henderson Heinrichs LLP can help you understand your particular situation and how the move is going to affect your child. We can advise you and assist you in negotiating a settlement that will be best for your child. We are trained to argue the issue of parental relocation in court and will be able to clearly and persuasively explain your situation, your child’s interests and the law to a court to secure the best possible outcome.

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