Guiding You Through Complex And High Asset Property Division

When a separating couple owns multiple properties, have shares in a corporation or are beneficiaries to family trusts, the division of assets can become increasingly complex due to their valuable nature. In many cases, it’s not just one asset – but multiple assets — that need to be valued and divided.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers have guided clients throughout Vancouver, British Columbia on resolving issues related to highly-valued assets. We offer over 20 years of extensive litigation experience covering corporate and family law issues to help you arrive at a solution that is meaningful to you.

Understanding Business And Family Law Matters

We advise married couples and common-law couples on how to navigate the division of minority interests, trust accounts, stock options and other complicated corporate structures that require a more nuanced eye.

If a party is being unreasonable, we’ll support your position in court. If mediation or a settlement is better suited to your issues, we’ll assist you in developing a fair and reasonable legal strategy.

We’ll walk you through all of your legal options, the benefits of every approach, and the possible outcomes of each situation. We want you to understand all of the potential risks so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

An Objective Approach To Your Matter

Our team will help you realize what is most important to you – is it business ownership? Shares? The value of a Trust? How will your decisions affect what your children will inherit in the future?

The answers to these questions differ for every client. Developing a strong relationship with our clients allows us to speak candidly with you about what you want to achieve. After clearly identifying what matters most to you, we will outline effective ways to satisfy those needs.

Protect Your Interests. Know Your Legal Rights.

Contact the family lawyers of Henderson Heinrichs LLP and find out how you can protect your rights when dividing your assets after separation. Call our legal team at 1-844-669-3500 or arrange a free half-hour consultation through our online booking form.