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Real Estate Law

We offer the following real estate law services:


Whether you are buying or selling a home, commercial or investment property, refinancing your mortgage, or transferring title as part of another arrangement, our knowledgeable team can assist with every step of the process.

Contract Negotiation

We can assist with negotiating your purchase and sale agreement, to ensure that the terms of the signed contract clearly reflect your intended agreement. Careful contract drafting can help to prevent costly litigation if a dispute arises and is especially important in complex commercial transactions and transactions with a lengthy delay prior to closing.

Title Review

Our title review services help you understand the property you are buying so you can determine whether it meets your needs. Documents may be registered against title to property which restrict certain types of businesses or activities (including home-based businesses) or require contributions to shared maintenance expenses (such as maintenance costs for a community amenity building).  Documents registered against title may apply even in circumstances where the municipality does not have those same restrictions for similar properties.

Due Diligence

Commercial and development properties are subject to a variety of environmental, archeological, municipal, safety, tax and other compliance obligations, many of which may transfer to a new owner following the purchase of those properties. Our due diligence services can help you discover these obligations and any outstanding non-compliance so you can assess the risk prior to waiving subject conditions for your purchase.


Real property purchases are substantial investments, and most individuals and companies require financing to help fund the purchase price.  We can assist with the preparation, registration and funding of your residential or commercial mortgage and help make the funding as seamless as possible.


The process for closing a property purchase, sale or mortgage can seem difficult and overwhelming, but it does not need to be. We carefully explain all elements of the closing process, so you understand the timeline and know what to expect leading up to the closing date for your transaction. We offer convenient meeting locations for document execution, with appointments available either in our downtown Vancouver office, or our satellite meeting location at 8661 201 Street in Langley. Our team will support you from start to finish to make your transaction as simple and convenient as possible.

Land Development

Our experienced land development team specializes in assisting small and mid-size developers with all aspects of their land development projects from start to finish. This assistance can include such items as:

  • conducting due diligence searches;
  • preparing title review summaries;
  • negotiating subject clauses in purchase contracts;
  • assisting with construction financing;
  • filing disclosure statements for strata property sales;
  • entering into crane overswing and construction access agreements with neighbouring property owners;
  • preparing and registering legal documents required by municipal governments;
  • registering subdivision and strata subdivision plans; and
  • assisting with strata property sales.

Whether you are looking for assistance with an individual residence, townhouse project, or multi-family building, our team can assist you along the way.

Real Property Litigation

Real estate transactions and land development projects involve substantial investment, and as a result, disputes often arise which are difficult to resolve amicably. These disputes may involve:

  • seeking the return of a deposit;
  • forcing the completion of a transaction;
  • obtaining compensation for concealed property defects;
  • enforcing contractual provisions;
  • commercial tenancy disputes;
  • seeking enforcement of easements and charges on title; or
  • seeking release or modification of charges on title.

Our team’s understanding of real estate transactions, land development, and commercial leasing allows us to clearly explain your available legal options while keeping in mind the business context of the transaction and the need for cost-effective solutions.

If you have a real estate dispute, we can assist with seeking a resolution, whether outside of court, through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, or in court, through litigation.