How to Change or Enforce Child Support and Child Custody Orders

Once a child support order or a child custody order has been made, that does not necessarily make it permanent. Even final orders have the potential to be varied if there has been a material change of circumstances that impacts the order.  Situations change, new information can be discovered, and other factors may justify a request to vary an order.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers offer legal support and advice to parents who are in conflict with their former partners regarding the well-being of their children. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia our legal team will determine if you have a strong case to pursue a change in child custody or child support order.

Proving a Change in Circumstance

The law generally accepts that the decisions behind an order were correct at the time based on the information presented. This is why it is essential that your request to vary an order shows that there is a new change in circumstances. If there is no substantial change, we will offer a frank and honest assessment of your chances to pursue a variation.

In situations where there is a material change in circumstances, we will evaluate whether the current order still represents the best interests of the child. Our legal team will provide you with a legal strategy tailored to your specific family situation to assist you with pursuing a change in child support or child custody matter.

Considering the Risks Of Changing Or Varying Orders

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, we will be very forthright with you about how the law applies to your case. We leverage over 20 years of family law experience and to guide you through grey areas of the law to identify what kind of change in circumstances is more likely to result in a variation than others.

A request to change a support or custody order can also risk changing the order to the benefit of the other party. Our lawyers highlight the risks involved with your position, and the strength of your arguments in order to advise you about what outcomes you are likely to see.

Discover Your Legal Options

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