Advocating For Your Rights To Sufficient Spousal Support

Receiving spousal support is not automatic after the end of a relationship. In order to be eligible for spousal support, one party has to prove a financial disadvantage after the separation. Once this is established, the amount of support can vary based on a number of factors specific to your situation.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers have over 20 years of experience providing married couples and common-law couples with their spousal support rights. At our office in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, we apply our comprehensive knowledge of provincial and federal laws to pursue financial resources that are meaningful to you.

What Does Eligibility Look Like?

Being eligible for spousal support relies on a number of factors. For example, if one spouse stayed home while the other spouse worked, he or she may find it difficult to find a job to support him or herself following the separation. Depending on the situation, this could be strong grounds to pursue spousal support. Other factors can include each person’s financial portfolio, caring for children and special situations or needs.

It’s possible that despite these factors, spousal support may not be necessary. At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our lawyers will provide you with a realistic assessment of your goals – we won’t push you to pursue a strategy that doesn’t have a strong likelihood of success.

Deciding The Range And Amount Of Spousal Support Needed

There is more to spousal support than just establishing a valid case. A suitable amount needs to be determined. The duration for the payments, and how the payments will be received can all be executed in different ways.

In order for you to determine the method that will work for you, our family lawyers will help you clarify what your needs are, and how to best address these concerns. For some couples, a lump sum is adequate. For others, payments over a period of time make more sense.

Have More Questions About Spousal Support Entitlement?

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