Resolving Children’s Family Law Issues

When parents end their relationship, they will still need to interact with each other as their children grow up. This means that separated couples need to clarify what their co-parenting relationship will be. This includes child support payments, custody and access decisions, and arranging parenting time between the parents.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers assist parents with finding a resolution that makes sense for their family. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our legal team will assist you in protecting the best interests of your children.

Over Two Decades of Experience Helping Parents Move Forward

As a parent, you have an obligation to provide for your child if you are able. Our legal team is dedicated to assisting you in determining the other party’s ability to provide financial support, and how to enforce these obligations. We leverage over 20 years of experience helping our clients reach resolutions on matters regarding:

Friendly, Professional Service Tailored to the Needs of Your Family

In order to provide our clients with meaningful solutions, we have to understand what matters most to them. We listen to your story, and help you separate the emotional frustration from the key legal issues in question. Our firm will provide you with a candid, and objective, perspective on how you can pursue your goals, and the outcomes you are likely to see.

Helping you understand how you can protect your interests allows you to make informed decisions, and gives you a better idea of time, costs, process and results.

Protect Your Legal Rights as a Parent

Contact our firm and learn more about your legal options as a parent following the breakdown of a relationship. Call Henderson Heinrichs LLP toll-free at  1-844-669-3500 to arrange a free, half-hour consultation using our online booking form.