Child Support And Special And Extraordinary Expenses

Child support is the right of the child, so upon separation, your child is entitled to financial support from both parents, commensurate with each parent’s ability to earn an income. This means that your financial ability to provide support will be considered along with the legislated child support guidelines to determine a fair payment amount.  If your child resides primarily with you, the child support guidelines presume that you are contributing directly to the cost of maintenance of your child by providing that child with a home and necessities.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers will help you obtain the necessary financial disclosure information needed to calculate child support payments, whether you are the payor or the recipient of support. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we ensure that the needs of your child are protected.

Obtaining Financial Disclosure

We show parents a big-picture perspective of how support payments affect their children. A crucial component of our role in your case is to help you understand how child support payments are determined.

Generally speaking, child support payments are determined using mathematical formulas set out in the Federal Child Support Guidelines, which is a legislated guide to calculating child support.  These formulas take into account the amount of income earned by the payor spouse and the number of children.  Every province and territory has a slightly different formula, to take into consideration the different tax rates and benefits available in each province or territory. Judges and lawyers all rely on the Federal Child Support Guidelines to determine the appropriate amount of support, and they usually use software or online calculators to compute the correct numbers.  You can find calculators online for free, although there can be factors that can, in certain circumstances, make the formulas not applicable.  Our legal team has extensive experience determining what is considered applicable income, and what financial information can be excluded from the child support payment calculations.

Determining Special and Extraordinary Expenses

Sometimes, there are additional costs that are necessary to provide a healthy, positive environment for children. These could be medical costs, educational costs or other extra-curricular activities.

Our lawyers understand that special and extraordinary costs can vary from family to family. We will explore each issue and associated cost with you to determine what qualifies as a special expense, what you and your spouse can reasonably be expected to pay, and how it will affect your support obligations.

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