How To Divide Personal Property After A Divorce Or Separation

Dividing shared personal property can be a complicated task – while some property can be divided easily, others require skilled negotiation tactics and further calculations to arrive at reasonable solutions.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers assist married couples and common-law couples throughout Vancouver with protecting what is important to them. Whether it’s personal items with sentimental value or gifts and assets with no discernible ownership, we will advise you on your legal rights to your shared property.

Understanding Excluded Assets

In British Columbia, if you brought an asset into a relationship, generally speaking, the courts will find that the asset belongs to you and is not divided as family property. However, there are exceptions to this rule. In other scenarios, certain individuals may want certain assets solely for themselves even if the asset is considered family property. Family property can include items such as recreational properties, artwork, vehicles, shared financial accounts and other items (other than real estate) purchased or acquired during the relationship.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our goal is to assist you with negotiating a fair division of property that takes ownership into account, as well as the desire to keep the shared property. We will guide you through the process of determining what assets are family assets, and what assets are excluded.

Providing You What You Need To Make Meaningful Decisions

Our firm prides itself on providing clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their futures. Whether through negotiation discussions, mediation proceedings or litigation, our lawyers are always available to answer your questions about how to pursue your goals. We want to make sure you understand the legal options available to you, and the potential outcomes of each strategy.

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