Guiding Married Couples And Common-law Couples Through Property Division

Dividing the life you have built with another person can be challenging. Many parts of your life - your home, your accounts, your investments and your debts - affect the other party in some way.

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers have over 20 years of experience resolving property issues between married and common-law couples. With offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, our lawyers offer legal advice and support on:

Representation For Married Couples And Common-Law Couples

In Alberta, married couples and common-law couples, also known as interdependent relationships, are treated differently. In British Columbia, married couples, and common-law couples in relationships longer than two years, are treated very much the same way. When there is no existing statute to govern their rights, common-law couples often rely on common law principles when dividing assets with their partners.

Our lawyers understand how the complexities of family law in both provinces. Solely focused on family law, our lawyers can guide you on how to position your case and assist you with finding solutions that satisfy your needs.

Objective, Frank And Honest Perspectives

Our comprehensive knowledge of family law allows us to advise you on legal processes that work best for your family.

Because dividing property can be a complicated task, our lawyer take the time to make sure you understand both the laws, and the bigger picture from a practical standpoint. Our legal team will advise you if your position is fair, realistic, and if your partner is being unreasonable.

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