Henderson Heinrichs LLP: 20 Years Of Legal Guidance, Support And Solutions

There is more than one way to resolve issues after the end of a relationship. At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, our family lawyers focus on finding the resolution that works best for you and your family.

We offer over two decades of friendly, professional service in a boutique firm setting. We interact directly with you to understand your needs, and to provide realistic, customized advice that is tailored to what matters most you.

Two Offices, One Goal: Resolutions That Make Sense For You

Through our trusted reputation providing personalized advice on how to navigate the legal system, we have opened two offices — in Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta.

Our comprehensive knowledge of how each province approaches married and common-law couples allow us to breakdown the complexities of any challenges you face. Our legal teams in both offices will provide a clear outline on how you can pursue an outcome that benefits you.

Mediation And Litigation Services

At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, we don't view different legal processes as exclusive, separate options. Our goal to find the best approach to resolve your issues, which often includes more than one legal approach. If we can reduce the issues that are brought to trial, we will assist you with resolving matters through mediation.

Come In For A Free, 30-Minute Consultation

Our lawyers will inform you of what you need to do and the decisions you need to make after the breakdown of a relationship. Call Henderson Heinrichs LLP at 866-649-7217 or arrange a free, half hour consultation using our online enquiry form.