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Children’s issues: Raising kids with trust instead of fear

Parents want to keep their children safe from harm. British Columbia law makes it clear that when it comes to children’s issues, it is incumbent upon everyone to act in the best interests of their children. Parents who trust their [...read full post]

Children’s issues: Parents who date after divorce

Most couples who divorce have children. Children’s issues in British Columbia seem to be numerous when kids’ parents are going through the divorce process or have gone through it. It takes a while for children to adjust to new situations, [...read full post]

Family law: The importance of grandparents, bonus grandparents

There is a common belief today that people who are considered to be family don’t have to be related by blood. British Columbia family law says it is incumbent upon adults to do what is in the best interests of [...read full post]

Family law: Co-parenting effectively after divorce

Couples who decide to divorce likely have had issues with communicating. However, couples who are parents and who are divorcing need to come together to discuss those issues that will affect their children. Thankfully, there are co-parenting tips under family [...read full post]

Children’s issues: Funding reworked for Child Advocacy Centres

The provincial government in Alberta has come up with what it says is a more efficient way to help vulnerable children. There are a number of important children’s issues in the province and the Government of Alberta is instituting a [...read full post]

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