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Family law: January sees increased levels of divorce filings

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: October 26, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

Once Christmas is over and the glitter of the holidays is coming to an end, couples whose marriages have been in turmoil may decide that a new year is the right time for a fresh start. Some British Columbia couples make the difficult decision to divorce in January — a month that is a popular one for endings and beginnings. Lawyers who focus on family law see many clients with questions regarding ending their marriages or common law unions during this time.

January is commonly known among lawyers as divorce month. The divorce rate in Canada is around 45% and with divorce being less stigmatized in society. Not all are fraught with discord and indeed some couples who remain friends after they’ve untied the knot actually celebrate their divorces. In fact, one British Columbia minister even offers divorce ceremonies allowing soon-to-be non-couples to undo their vows, make a commitment to their children and say a formal goodbye to their marriages.

These un-wedding ceremonies, as they’re called, aim to reduce the stress divorce often causes to the two people involved as well as to their children. The lack of closure, the minister says, often creates added anxiety to the divorce process. According to the minister, adding a formal ritual to this life transition can be healing.

Whatever gets a person through a divorce with less stress may be something to look into. But when British Columbia residents need important questions answered about the divorce process itself, he or she may wish to speak with a lawyer experienced in family law. Having the advice and guidance of a lawyer who understands the rules that govern divorce may be enough to get a client through the difficulties divorce may present.

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