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Children’s issues: Too many delays for autism diagnoses

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: October 30, 2019
Categorized: Children's Issues.

There is likely nothing more frustrating for any parent than waiting on a diagnosis for their child. British Columbia parents concerned with children’s issues have become vocal when it comes to how the province handles diagnosing children with autism. Parents say the diagnosis procedure also needs to be revamped with more health care providers trained in diagnostics.

Parents say it’s just taking too long to get these diagnoses for their children and it is affecting their children in negative ways. Some parents have even kept their children out of a classroom setting choosing to home school instead because without a proper diagnosis of autism, they can’t get additional help for their kids in school. Even so, many children in British Columbia don’t get extra help until they’re either suspended or expelled which can be difficult for a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Parents who can afford to do so, are side-stepping the public process to get a diagnosis for their children and are hiring private health care assessors. Chairperson of the Canadian Pediatric Society says an increase in children with the condition calls for more health care providers to be trained in making a diagnosis of autism. The society has gone as far as releasing recommendations for a more flexible approach to diagnosing autism along with other conditions such as anxiety and ADHD.

Parents who have questions regarding their legal rights when it comes to children’s issues in British Columbia may wish to seek the advice of a lawyer experienced in the laws that affect children. The best interests of children are always at the forefront when it comes to a lawyer’s guidance. When a parent is worried his or her children aren’t getting the care they need, finding a lawyer may be of great help.

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