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Family law: Millions at stake in British Columbia divorce battle

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: June 26, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

A spur-of-the-moment marriage that took place in one of the world’s most famous gambling capitals is not only on the rocks, but the couple – who married in 2016 – is also embroiled in a nasty court battle. The British Columbia couple’s family law case has not only been heard in family court, but has also come before three B.C. Supreme Court judges who will rule on the man’s attempt to undo his former wife’s lower court victory.

The man, a well-known Chinese billionaire business tycoon, is being sued by his former spouse for bigamy, while he is allegedly forcing her into trade arbitration. The case is being heard in both Canadian and international courts. The man was introduced to the woman in 2015 while she was working as an office administrator and he was on a business trip. After they married, they started a corporation together to invest in Vancouver real estate.

They have launched various lawsuits against each other – some personal, mostly having to do with business finances. It has become complicated and has tied up courts both in Canada and in China. One judge annulled the marriage, but that too seems to be a contentious issue.

Certain divorce cases can be messy. These types of cases can drag on, be costly and need the advice of a British Columbia lawyer experienced in family law. A lawyer can review the particulars of a case and advise his or her client on the best way to approach coming to an agreement before it gets to the point of litigation as it has done in this particular case.

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