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Managing the details of divorce: A surprising challenge

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: March 15, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

When people think about the difficulty of divorce, they often think of the myriad issues they must resolve. However, another challenge that many people face is simply staying organized.

Divorce is a legal process, and as such, it involves a lot of details and paperwork.

  • Court documents and forms – This information can prove to be the most overwhelming for people who are unfamiliar with the court process. Depending on whether you apply for an uncontested or contested divorce, you will have to fill out specific legal forms. You will also need to file them properly to keep the process moving. Often, a lawyer can tackle many of these details for you.
  • Financial documents – Gathering your financial documents will be vital when it comes to resolving property division and support-related matters. Depending on the complexity of your assets, you may have extensive paperwork that details property ownership, buy/sell dates, valuation and financial status. This can be difficult to organize, and in some cases, you may have trouble accessing the necessary information.
  • Child-related information – If you are a parent, you will likely have some new and critical paperwork to keep on hand. You may have to keep copies of custody and parenting agreements easily accessible to avoid confusion. And items like schedules, permission slips, tuition invoices, passports and other documentation will require detailed management and organization as parents adjust to living, travelling and parenting separately.

Managing all this information during a divorce can be a struggle. However, those who are able to do so successfully could find the process goes much easier.

As such, make organization a priority. Work with professionals who can help you gather and retain specific documentation; make copies of your paperwork; keep everything together and in a safe place. Taking these steps can help you feel more in control and avoid costly oversights and missteps.

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