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Our Best Toronto Divorce Lawyer Advice, Part 1

Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio ) Published: April 21, 2014
Categorized: Divorce.

Going through a divorce in Toronto can be confusing and difficult.  A Toronto divorce lawyer can help you to make sense of your situation – identify the issues that you are dealing with and plan the best path to reach a resolution to those issues.  While we can’t give legal advice in a blog post, we can pass on some general advice which will help you deal with your Toronto divorce lawyer or Toronto family lawyer.   

Tip 1:  Be as prepared as possible when you first meet with your Toronto divorce lawyer.   What does that mean?  Here are 5 simple steps you can take:

  1. If you are dealing with financial matters, try to find out as much as you can about what you earn, what your partner earns and what each of you own, including investments and savings.  If possible, figure out when you purchased major assets, such as houses or cars, and who paid for what.  Additionally, try to determine what your monthly expenses are, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, transportation and child related expenses.  If possible, bring your last three income tax returns with you and a copy of a document such as a pay cheque stub confirming employment income and deductions.
  2. If you are dealing with child related issues, create a brief chronology of the important events related to your situation.  It could include a summary of your role in the family, your spouse’s role in the family, and a summation of who has cared for your child.  Set out any instances where the situation changed; that is, where things.
  3. If court action has already started, bring copies of the court documentation with you.  This will assist your lawyer in fully understanding the issues and what stage your case is at.
  4. Write down any questions that you have.  No question is silly – family law can be confusing and intimidating.  Your Toronto divorce lawyer should make things clearer and be able to explain the situation to you in a way that you can understand.   Rely on your lawyer to describe to you how the law affects you and what options you have.  Writing down questions as they strike you will make the meeting go more quickly and will ensure that you don’t forget something important.

If you are nervous or you think that you will have difficulty explaining your situation to your divorce lawyer, by all means bring someone with you to the meeting.  A trusted friend or family member can be a welcome support.

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