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Written by: Kevin Heinrichs (View All Posts • View Bio ) Published: November 9, 2009
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Welcome to the Henderson Heinrichs LLP Vancouver Divorce Law Blog. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, our firm focuses exclusively on the full range of issues related to divorce and family law matters in British Columbia.

This blog is a space where the lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs LLP will offer commentary and observations on the practice of family law, on recent developments in the area, and on topics which may help people going through a divorce or family law situation.

Our lawyers handle a diverse range of family law matters. Our day-to-day experience helping clients deal with separation and divorce, child custody and support, division of assets, common law and same sex marriage rights and obligations gives us a unique vantage point. We are able to identify trends in legislation and case law in family law and witness firsthand how this affects people living in Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia.

We want to create a space through which we can be part of the dialogue and share some of our collective wisdom on how people can help themselves, their friends or family members during a very stressful time.  We know that people facing a family law problem often feel completely overwhelmed by the system. In what is already a time of stress and uncertainty, people are faced with a tangle of rules, regulations and paperwork. One of the things we want to do with this blog is to help dispel some of the anxiety caused by lack of clear information about the mechanics of the separation and divorce process.  It’s hard to make good decisions when you don’t know where to begin or even what is possible.

So, welcome to our blog.  This is a new project for all of us here at Henderson Heinrichs and it will undoubtedly be a learning experience. We hope you find it interesting and useful and invite you to check back often for new posts by our lawyers.  You are always welcome to contact one of our lawyers to discuss your situation further if you feel you need help with a specific legal problem.

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