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Custody, Guardianship, and Access

Custody, Guardianship, and Access

Vancouver Child Custody Lawyers

One of the hardest things to deal with when you separate from a marriage or a common-law relationship is how that separation will affect your children.  At Henderson Heinrichs LLP, we help parents deal with issues regarding where their children will live after divorce or separation, what time each parent will spend with the children and who will make decisions regarding the children’s interests.  If you are in need of a child custody lawyer in Vancouver – contact Henderson Heinrichs LLP today.

Our child custody lawyers are experienced in dealing with issues of guardianship, parenting time, and parenting responsibilities.  We assist parents in supporting their children’s best interests by arranging where their children will live after a relationship breaks down, how much time the children will spend with each parent, and how decisions will be made by the parents for the children.  There are many child related issues that can arise in a family law case, and Henderson Heinrichs LLP can assist you in dealing with any concerns including the following:

Trials: Our experienced lawyers will represent you if a trial is necessary to determine guardianship, parenting time, or parenting responsibilities.  Trials are not always necessary to determine these issues, but if you are faced with a trial, Henderson Heinrichs LLP has the resources and the expertise necessary to protect your children’s interests.

Interim Decisions: Henderson Heinrichs LLP’s child custody lawyers deal regularly with interim arrangements; that is, decisions regarding how children will be cared for between the start and the end of a family law case.

Variation Applications: Sometimes, circumstances change and child-related orders or agreements need to change to reflect the children’s new situations.

Changing Residences/Mobility: Sometimes, the parenting time child custody and access arrangements in place are affected when a party is changing residences. Whether across the city, to a different province or outside of Canada, such moves inevitably have an impact on the parenting time of the non-moving parent. Our child custody lawyers know what the law says about these mobility cases and will be able to advise and represent you.

Negotiation: Often, child related arrangements can be made without the need for court action. Our lawyers know the law and are trained to be able to negotiate fair and reasonable agreements which are in your children’s interests.

Mediation: Our child custody lawyers include mediators who can help parents resolve parenting related issues by consensus with respect to their children’s needs.

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