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I remain committed to finding the best resolution for my clients using all of the resources that are available.

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Assistant: Tiffany Gentleman | [email protected]

After 30 years of practicing family law, Rain is hanging up her court gowns for a brief break from client representation as she prepares to shift her practice to serve family law clients in a new way. When she returns in 2023, she will be working exclusively as a mediator, having obtained her Family Law Mediator Accreditation in 2022.

As a mediator, Rain will work to help clients resolve their family law challenges without litigation’s emotional and financial costs. A seasoned trial lawyer, Rain has seen firsthand that court is often not the best way to produce results that are in the interests of the parties and their children. Negative impacts on family relationships caused by the adversarial process and uncertain outcomes in court proceedings have convinced Rain of the value of a mediated settlement being the goal for family law disputes, big and small.

Meditation shifts the dynamic of separation away from a battle and toward mutual cooperation to build workable and sustainable outcomes for both parties. It puts control back into the hands of the people involved. A skilled mediator can help the parties craft solutions that consider and accommodate their unique circumstances and needs. In addition, where children are involved, mediation can help separating parents develop positive working relationships as they move forward as co-parents of their children.

Rain will work with you and your lawyers to get your resolution, not one imposed on you in court.

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