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How to Prepare for your Initial Consultation with a Family Law Lawyer

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: February 11, 2020
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If you are thinking about separating from your partner or have already separated, and you are ready to meet with a family law lawyer, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your initial consultation. Preparing for your consultation will allow you to maximize the time you have and get as much out of the meeting as possible. Knowing that you have the necessary information and/or documents may also help you feel more comfortable – meeting with a lawyer can be a stressful and overwhelming experience!

Prepare for Your Initial Consultation:


What you bring to your consultation is up to you. But, at the very least, be prepared to provide the lawyer with any written agreements entered into before, during or after your relationship (a cohabitation agreement, marriage agreement or separation agreement, for example) and any court documents particularly court orders, notices for upcoming court appearances and pending application materials.

Ask the law firm whether you should provide any of these documents to the lawyer prior to your consultation.

2. Information:

Most law firms will ask you to complete a client information form prior to your consultation. The form will ask for basic information about you and your partner such as your phone number, address, email address, birthday and where you work. It will also ask for other information such as the length of your relationship, how much each of you earn, your individual and joint assets and debts, and information about your children. Since this information is required to identify the issues arising from your separation, it is important to be as accurate and detailed as possible. A properly completed form will ensure that the lawyer spends less time going over background facts and more time providing you with legal information and discussing your options moving forward.

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If you have any questions about how to prepare for your initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask. We are here to help.

If you would like to schedule a free, half-hour initial consultation with one of our experienced family law lawyers, please call (604) 669-3500.

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