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Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

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Henderson Heinrichs LLP is pleased to offer Parenting Coordination as another service to our clients. Parenting Coordinators work closely with family lawyers, counsellors and psychologists who have received special training to help parents recognize the needs of their children and to arbitrate parenting disputes.

Parenting Coordination is a child-focused alternate dispute resolution process for separated families.  It is a process that gives parents quick and easy access to a neutral decision-maker who can resolve day to day problems about parenting issues as they arise, with the goal of minimizing conflict and avoiding further expensive and often unnecessary court applications.

Some parents, particularly if their break up was extremely difficult or traumatic, find themselves in constant conflict with each other long after their separation and sometimes even long after a trial or other court action.

Parenting Coordination is a valid and effective alternative for most families when they are dealing with child-related issues, such as when:

  • there is a high rate of litigation, especially concerning the implementation of a custody and access order or parenting plan;
  • where mediation has not been successful or if mediation has been deemed inappropriate and the parties need help in implementing their parenting plan or more fully developing their parenting plan;
  • parents have difficulty communicating about issues and information relating to their child;
  • parents are unable to agree on any issues relating to their child; and,
  • there are complex child-related or family issues that require intensive case management.

A Parenting Coordinator is typically appointed by a Court order or by agreement, and the goal is to help parents implement, modify and comply with their parenting plan.  Parenting Coordinators can also assist parents by providing:

  •  education about parenting and child developmental needs;
  • strategies to manage and resolve conflict and lessen the negative effects on children; and,
  • help parents develop effective post-separation parenting.

If you have any questions about Parenting Coordination, contact Henderson Heinrichs LLP toll-free at 1-844-669-3500 for a free half-hour consultation.

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