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Holiday Travel: I'm Going out of the Country with my Child During the Holidays. Is There Anything I Need to do?

Parents who travel with their minor child without the other parent should have a travel consent form signed by the other parent or a court order signed that confirms you have the right to leave the country without the consent of the other parent. Make sure any requests for authorization to travel is done well in advance to avoid stress.

Handling the Holidays as a Separated or Divorced Parent

A significant challenge for most separated or divorced parents is determining a parenting schedule that works for everyone during the holidays.  It is a unique issue for each family as every family has their own respective values and traditions during the holidays.  The holiday parenting schedule is often further complicated by extended family's expectations during the holiday season.  Issues around the holiday season also tend to be emotionally driven and worsened by stress.

Tinder Surprises - Support Obligations and Parenting Rights

I recently received some articles about how casual dating apps, like Tinder, have apparently led to a boom in unplanned pregnancies, often where the people dating are not yet in a serious relationship. So, legally speaking, what happens if a casual relationship leads to pregnancy?

Do Children get a Voice in Family Proceedings?

In making an agreement or order for care and time of children the parties and the court must consider the best interests of the child only. Under the Family Law Act, Division 1, Section 37(2), there is a specific list of factors to consider in determining the best interests of children. At subsection b on that list it states that the child's views should be considered unless it would be inappropriate to consider them. Therefore, if it is determined that it is appropriate to consider the views of the child then the court may appoint someone to assess the views of a child in relation to a family law dispute. That person must be a family justice counselor, social worker or another person approved by the court and must be independent of the parties. However, practically speaking how does this happen? There are different ways in which this evidence can be obtained. The most commonly used are the Views of the Child Report and the Voice of the Child Report. What's the difference?

Reducing Your Child Support Obligations Upon Loss of Employment in Alberta

Reducing Your Child Support Obligations Upon Loss of Employment in Alberta

Jobs can be difficult to maintain in this fickle economic climate in Alberta. If you have been laid off or fired and have ongoing child support obligations, then it may be possible to have the Court reduce your monthly payments.

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