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Collaborative Divorce Offers Civility For Families

Many perceive divorce to be a contentious battle between the two parties which ends with a winner and a loser. While some splits may fit into that category, far from all divorces need this level of public debate and tension between former spouses.

Particularly for couples with children it may be worth exploring other options for resolving a divorce in a more civil manner. Collaborative family law offers couples and families the chance to complete a divorce process without court dates and long, drawn-out legal battles.

Alex R. Chan joins Henderson Heinrichs LLP in the Vancouver office

We are pleased to welcome family lawyer Alex R. Chan to our Vancouver office.Alex completed his articles at Sincerity Law Group in Vancouver, which he practiced in the areas of corporate law, wills and estates, and real estate. Alex's experience with these areas has taught him the value of being precise in communication. Alex has joined Henderson Heinrichs LLP to focus primarily on family law.

The Breakdown of a Polyamory Relationship: What You Need To Know

Polyamory is a hot topic these days.  Societal expectations for relationships seem to be becoming more permissive, and with television shows like "Big Love", and major news networks publishing polyamory "explainers" (https://globalnews.ca/news/4320857/what-is-polyamory/), polyamory appears to be working its way somewhat closer to the mainstream.  It's clearly not a topic that is going away anytime soon.  But polyamorous relationships, just like other more "traditional" relationships, have the potential to break down. And what happens when a spousal polyamorous relationship breaks down?  What happens in a polyamorous divorce?

Examinations for Discovery: What are They and how are They Used in Family Law?

If you are headed to trial, examinations for discovery may be part of the preparation that the lawyers go through to obtain the facts relevant to the claims made in your family law matter. An examination for discovery and review of documents the parties have disclosed helps the lawyers confirm the facts that each party is going to rely on at trial and can help to narrow the issues. The results can also sometimes lead to settlement negotiations and agreements. Your examination for discovery will likely be the first time that the opposing lawyer will hear from you directly and this can help him or her better understand the strengths of your case and whether you will make a good witness at trial. The transcript from your examination for discovery can be used in court to undermine your credibility or as the basis for legal arguments regarding your position. Remember that it is a tool for the other side (not you), but it is vital that you be accurate and forthright in your answers. It shows respect for the court and the legal process itself. Your lawyer will have the opportunity to conduct an examination for discovery of the opposing party. 

Diana Adam Joins Henderson Heinrichs LLP's Edmonton Office

We are pleased to welcome family lawyer Diana Adam to our Edmonton office. With a background in family and civil litigation, Diana is a confident and committed associate who passionately advocates for her clients every step of the legal process. Diana recognizes the emotional toll family disputes can take. She approaches her client's issues with a balance of care and candour that is necessary to ensure that they have full information about the process and their options. In addition to her legal expertise, Diana has a background in psychology and sociology from the University of Windsor. She draws on her prelaw skillset to help her clients stay calm and focused as they navigate the events of a separation and divorce. Diana practices all aspects of family law, from prenuptial agreements to post-divorce modifications. While armed with the skills necessary to provide resolutions through negotiation, Diana is also a decisive lawyer with the confidence and experience to take a matter to court if that is the best way to achieve results for you and your family.

Challenges of Cryptocurrency in Family Law

The Emergence of Cryptocurrency

The growing ubiquity of electronic communications over the past two decades has had a profound impact on the way we practice law.  No longer are we sending letters to opposing counsel by mail or courier; rather, emails ping back and forth at lightning speed.  More than just impacting the practice of law, however, the subject matter has changed enormously as a result of technological advancement.  We are now confronted with another major leap forward in the way business is conducted and money changes hands as a result of an innovation that has flooded the media and public consciousness: decentralized cryptocurrency. Blockchain cryptocurrency allows the anonymous transfer of money without oversight or control of a governing body.  Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning that it is not regulated by a central authority like a traditional currency, and new units and transfers are recorded in a general ledger known as the "block chain", which is stored in multiple computer systems. The blockchain can be viewed by anyone, but attributing transfers to any individual is difficult or impossible as transfers are identified by address (a series of letters or numbers) rather than by name.  A person can have multiple addresses.  Transfers of cryptocurrency can be made between individuals or through a cryptocurrency exchange.  Some well-known cryptocurrency exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Kaken, Bitfinex. A remarkable feature of cryptocurrencies is that they can be "mined" from the system which is programmed to award new bitcoins to miners who solve highly complex math problems.  Mining operations utilize computers to mine new units and receive deposits of cryptocurrency into accounts.

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