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Uncovering hidden assets during a divorce

When two people divorce, they must fully and honestly disclose their assets and liabilities. This is necessary to ensure the division of property is fair.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes this responsibility of full disclosure seriously. In fact, some people intentionally try to skirt the rules by hiding or undervaluing assets. If you have concerns that your soon-to-be ex might be trying to shield property from division during your divorce, there are a few tips you might consider. 

What are the legal requirements to divorce in Alberta?

Getting divorced can involve more legal nuances than people expect; it's not as simple as signing a piece of paper and going your separate ways.

There are specific requirements to meet and steps to take before you can legally divorce in Alberta. Knowing what these are can help you plan accordingly. 

3 ways parents can make custody exchanges easier

When a child moves between divorced or separated parents, he or she can experience some sadness, guilt and stress, especially when the arrangement is in its early stages. Parents can also struggle with the emotional challenges of this complicated transition.

However, there are a few steps parents can take to make the experience and process of custody exchanges easier for their children and themselves.

Tips for resolving pet issues that dog parties during divorce

When people divorce, it is not uncommon to fight over matters like property division and child custody. There are specific laws in place to direct parties and courts on how to resolve these issues, but some matters do not fall neatly into one of these categories.

For instance, if you have a pet, you could be surprised at the contention and confusion that can come with deciding what will happen to the animal in a divorce. Below are some tips to help you navigate this difficult situation. 

Post-separation income increases could affect support

Separating couples often must untangle aspects of a shared life in a way similar to divorce, and this can be stressful and frightening. This is particularly true for a party who was financially dependent on their partner during the relationship.

Under these circumstances, spousal support can be an option. However, this can be a legally complex and confusing matter. For instance, did you know that any post-separation increase in a paying party's income may be shared with the recipient?

Is it possible to change or cancel spousal support payments?

Whether you pay or receive spousal support after a divorce, you want to feel like the order is fair and accurately reflects your financial needs and capabilities. Often, it takes considerable effort either through the courts or through negotiation to get to this type of agreement. Once you have an order in place, though, there can be a sense of relief.

However, this feeling may dissipate as time goes on. People change; circumstances change; needs change. And these changes can influence how people feel about their spousal support orders. Under these circumstances, it can be helpful to know if orders may be altered.

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