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What to do about non-disclosure

What can you do when the other side won't give you the documents you need to determine his or her income?  Rule 60D of the British Columbia Supreme Court Rules dictates the disclosure that a party must make in a family law proceeding.  In the case of Cunha v. Cunha (1994), 99 B.C.L.R. (2d) 93 (S.C.)) Mr. Justice Fraser quite appropriately stated that,

Getting Married, Separated, or Divorced? Time to think about your will.

The laws of British Columbia with regard to familial relations and wills and estates interact in a way that you need to be aware of if you want to make sure that wishes are honoured if you pass away.  These are a few of the common issues that you should be aware of: If you are getting Married: Wills in BC are governed by the Wills Act.  Under section 15 of the Wills Act, your will is revoked if you get married, unless your will specifically contemplates your upcoming marriage.  If your will is revoked and you pass away, it will be as though you died with no will at all, and your property will be distributed according to the Estate Administration Act.  So if you get married, make sure you revisit your will if you want your final wishes to be respected.


Welcome to the Henderson Heinrichs Vancouver Divorce Law Blog.  Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, our firm focuses exclusively on the full range of issues related to divorce and family law matters in British Columbia. This blog is a space where the lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs will offer commentary and observations on the practice of family law, on recent developments in the area, and on topics which may help people going through a divorce or family law situation. At Henderson Heinrichs our lawyers handle a diverse range of family law matters.   Our day-to-day experience helping clients deal with separation and divorce, child custody and support, division of assets, common law and same sex marriage rights and obligations gives us a unique vantage point.  We are able to identify trends in legislation and caselaw in family law and witness firsthand how this affects people living in Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia.

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