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Don’t Update the Status of Your Court Orders

In a recent Florida case, a Facebook post ending up costing a Florida man $80,000.00.  In a nutshell, Patrick Snay was a party to a settlement which was subject to a non-disclosure component. Apparently, Mr. Snay told his daughter about the settlement, and she posted some details on Facebook. He was ultimately found in breach of the non-disclosure agreement and it ended up costing him $80,000.00.

Henderson Heinrichs on AM 650's The Law Show

Henderson Heinrichs LLP was approached to begin a series of radio programs with AM650 Radio in British Columbia to help acquaint people with what services our divorce lawyers, our family lawyers, our mediators and our parenting coordinators can offer, both in Vancouver, B.C. and in Toronto, Ontario. 

5 Tips to Making Shared Custody Work: A Primer

The most important aspect of making shared custody work is ensuring both parents examine their personalities and find the ability to put their children above all else. It is essential to put your child(ren) first. To do this requires, of course, cooperation between the parents. Although it's simple to say, it is often difficult to accomplish and results in many unnecessary lawyers' bills.The building blocks of this cooperation are, in my view, the following:

The Difference Between a Paralegal and a Divorce Attorney in Toronto

When dealing with family law issues in Toronto, you will notice that both lawyers and paralegals are available to deal with your issues.  There are differences between these professionals which may be somewhat confusing. A Toronto divorce attorney is an individual who has attended and graduated from law school, has completed a period of articling, and has passed the Ontario bar exams. Further, a Toronto divorce attorney is both insured and licensed under the Law Society of Upper Canada.  All lawyers in Ontario have the ability to practice any area of law.  Lawyers describing themselves as “Divorce Lawyers” or “Divorce Attorneys” should have experience in family law and a full and conversant knowledge of, amongst other things, the Ontario Family Law Act, the Divorce Act and the Family Law Rules.  Having a divorce attorney on your side ensures that your rights are represented within the Superior Court, Court of Appeal, and even the Supreme Court of Canada. A divorce attorney will ensure you are represented fairly and your rights are protected at all times.

Who Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Toronto?

There seems to be a misconception that family lawyers should be hired only by separating partners.  The idea is an old one, based on the history of adversarial divorce and family law, certainly in Toronto in particular, but also in Canada in general.  That adversarial model still exists, which is why the idea of lawyers fighting for rights is not exactly wrong – it’s just a bit limited. The sub-field of child custody serves as a good example.  Everyone has heard the stories:  parents who are no longer together, who cannot agree on what is best for their children, going to court to have a judge decide.   Litigation can be complex and grindingly arduous.   Lawyers should serve as guides, as advisors and as representatives for parties during this process.  Their concern is to help you relate what you believe is best for your children to the court so that judges can make proper and informed decisions.  They can help you figure out what you want the court to do, assist you in drafting the documents that need filing, and speak to the court on your behalf.  

When Should You Hire a Vancouver Lawyer?

People often call our offices and ask, “When is the best time to hire a family lawyer?”  There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question.  We recommend that you come in and meet with one of our lawyers for a free half hour consultation.  During the consultation you, we will give you our opinion as to whether and when you should hire a lawyer.  It may be that the lawyer you speak with suggests that you don’t need a lawyer right away and simply provides you with information.  Or it may become evident that you need a lawyer to assist you in taking steps in your family matter right away.  Whatever your unique needs, it is our goal to ensure that you leave our offices with the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. We do recommend that you book your initial consultation as early as possible for many reasons:

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