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#Instaregret Why you should listen to your divorce lawyer about posting on social media

The use of social media is increasingly prevalent. In your divorce, emails and social media posts can form evidence and have lasting implications on the outcome of your case. What does this mean?

1. Assume a judge will see all of your social media posts. Judges do not know you personally. They have to rely on the evidence presented to them by lawyers and your oral testimony to make decisions about your case. When posting on social media, ask yourself what image am I portraying of myself with this post? How do you want a judge to see you? If you are a parent seeking a parenting order, does the post present you in a mature, responsible, and respectful light?

8 Tips from your Divorce Lawyer for a Smooth Holiday Season this year

1. Plan a Schedule

If you haven't already planned a holiday schedule, it is important you take the steps to do so soon. There are a number of ways parents can share the holiday season with their children. Parents should work together to find a schedule that works best for their families.

A few examples are:

  • Split the winter break evenly, with one parent having the first half up until and including Christmas Eve, and the second parent having the second half starting on Christmas Day.
  • Split Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, alternating annually.

Who Gets To Keep The Family Pet After A Divorce?

Many couples that own pets say they develop a relationship with them akin to raising children. There is an emotional bond and a level of care and affection provided to pets that is not given to other types of property. However, there is currently no legislation that dictates pets should be shared between divorcing spouses. Pets are treated like property, and essentially remain with the person who obtained or brought the pet into the relationship.

Do grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren?

Some grandparents care for grandchildren as much as parents do. However, there can be conflicts between the parents, or between a parent and the grandparents, which can create barriers for grandparents to see their grandchildren. In these situations, do grandparents have an absolute right for contact with their grandchildren?

Nothing in the Family Law Act specifically grants grandparents the right to see their grandchildren. Grandparents can bring an application to the court to see them, but the court does not have to grant the grandparents a Contact Order.

Collaborative Divorce Offers Civility For Families

Many perceive divorce to be a contentious battle between the two parties which ends with a winner and a loser. While some splits may fit into that category, far from all divorces need this level of public debate and tension between former spouses.

Particularly for couples with children it may be worth exploring other options for resolving a divorce in a more civil manner. Collaborative family law offers couples and families the chance to complete a divorce process without court dates and long, drawn-out legal battles.

Alex R. Chan joins Henderson Heinrichs LLP in the Vancouver office

We are pleased to welcome family lawyer Alex R. Chan to our Vancouver office.Alex completed his articles at Sincerity Law Group in Vancouver, which he practiced in the areas of corporate law, wills and estates, and real estate. Alex's experience with these areas has taught him the value of being precise in communication. Alex has joined Henderson Heinrichs LLP to focus primarily on family law.

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