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Children's issues: When is it OK to leave a child unattended?

Some children like to assert their independence at an early age. That doesn't mean parents should leave them unsupervised. Some kids in British Columbia are known as latchkey kids, but when it comes to children's issues, the law is clear about when children can be left unsupervised and what they can do when they are left alone. 

Children's issues: Abuse cases expected to rise amid pandemic

There is nothing more important than the welfare of a child. Amid a worldwide pandemic now taking place, the local area is more mindful of children's issues and agencies acting as watchdogs for kids are bracing for increased incidents of abuse as they reduce services and the numbers of employees who work these cases. The government has advised people to stay at home and schools are also closed, and for some children being at home all the time is not safe or healthy.

Children's issues: Funding reworked for Child Advocacy Centres

The provincial government in Alberta has come up with what it says is a more efficient way to help vulnerable children. There are a number of important children's issues in the province and the Government of Alberta is instituting a funding model for Child Advocacy Centres. The Minister of Children's Services recently announced that $3.4 million every year, beginning this year and into 2023, has been earmarked for these centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster and Red Deer.

Children's issues: Should kids stay with non-Indigenous family?

A First Nation mom whose children are in the care of non-Indigenous foster parents is fighting the system to have her children remain where they are. Many children's issues in British Columbia focus on what is best for the children involved, and this mother -- who had her five children removed from her care -- says her children are allegedly being used as pawns by her First Nation to point out that Indigenous children should be with Indigenous families. The woman insists, however, that her children are happy, healthy and cared for by their foster parents and sending them to live with far-away family members they don't know would be a mistake.

Children's issues: Reporting child abuse, neglect in Alberta

It is incumbent upon all individuals to do their parts to protect the welfare of children. One of the most pressing children's issues in Alberta is that of child abuse and even though parents are primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of their children, there may be times when others have to step up and report suspected incidents that may be harming a child. Anyone who suspects a child is being neglected, abused or sexually exploited should report it to a Child Intervention caseworker in Alberta.

Children's issues: Suggested policies that may end child poverty

Certain policies that have been suggested by anti-poverty organizations may go a long way to ending child poverty in single-parent households in British Columbia. Children not having their needs met is one of the most challenging of children's issues in British Columbia today. Even though just 20% of kids are living in single-parent homes in the province, more than half of them are living at or below the poverty line.

Children's issues: Chosen families in the LGBTQ realm

Family means many things to many people these days and gone are the times when most all families consisted of mom, dad, kids, family dog and the station wagon. Even though diversity is acceptable today, some British Columbia residents who are part of the LGBTQ community still don't get the support of their biological family members. Some children's issues may also be affected when kids begin to spend time with chosen family members -- or people who are accepting of diverse lifestyles.

Children's issues: Parental selfies help kids get through divorce

Selfies are an invention of the latter part of this decade. These photos posted on a myriad of social media sites can actually be a teaching tool when it comes to certain children's issues surrounding divorce -- like co-parenting. Selfies can show British Columbia residents that having an amicable divorce is, indeed, possible and that co-parenting children positively is also possible.

Alberta children's issues: Fight over parents' rights and GSAs

Wild Rose Country's premier says parents know what's best for their children. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says his government will repeal Bill 24, which says teachers or principals must not divulge certain information to parents about their children like Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) and their participation in those activities in schools. This has been one of the more contentious children's issues in the province.

Children's issues: Edmonton Police Service and child protection

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has protocols in place to ensure the safety of every child in the community. Child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse of children are among two of the most heinous children's issues in Alberta and the rest of the world. The EPS child protection section investigates these types of alleged abuses working in the multi-disciplinary Zebra-Child Protection Centre.

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