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Family law in Canada is a complex and constantly changing area. Federal legislation, provincial legislation, court decisions on multiple levels and a wide range of expert analysis affect the complexion of the field with each new day. Fortunately, resources do exist which make the job easier of finding out what the law is today.

We hope the following materials will provide you with a starting point to explore the current state of the law. This list is by no means exhaustive and we cannot vouch for the accuracy of what you will find. We have, however, reviewed the resources and have found them to be informative and useful.

Resources are also available to help people deal with the turbulence of family law difficulties. To this end, we include a list of Children’s Books. While we do not hold these books out as our own advice, we hope that they may provide a starting point for parents to help their children deal with issues such as divorce and access.

Legislation and Regulations

British Columbia

Supreme Court Family Rules

Provincial Court Rules of Court

Family Law Act

Adoption Act


Divorce Act

Federal Child Support Guidelines


British Columbia

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program

British Columbia Mediator Roster Society

B.C. Vital Statistics

B.C. Parenting Coordination

Access Resources

Supervised Visitation Network

TIN Harbour Services (BC)

Elizabeth Fry Society

Other Resources

CanLII – Canadian Legal Information Database

Child Support Guidelines Calculator

Step by Step Guide to Calculating Section 7 Expenses (Special or Extraordinary Expenses)

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