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Children's issues: School boards want seclusion rooms ban lifted

School boards believe there is a place for seclusion rooms in schools and are calling on the provincial government to reconsider its ban on them. When it comes to children's issues in Alberta, decisions are always made keeping the best interests of a child in mind. School boards in Edmonton and Calgary issued joint statements asking that these rooms -- which are set aside for students who exhibit unsafe behaviours that could cause harm to themselves, other students and staff -- be allowed. The ban, which was put in place by the previous government,  is expected to go into effect at the beginning of this school year.  

School authorities say that although they support inclusive classrooms, seclusion rooms have a purpose in that they allow exceptional cases to be addressed while keeping other students and staff safe. Some parents disagree and have launched suits against school boards who have used them, calling them harmful. In fact, in a recent survey of 400 Alberta families, 80% said these rooms left their children emotionally distressed or traumatized.

Various groups, like Inclusion Alberta, are disappointed some school boards are advocating for the rooms to be reinstated. They say these rooms should not be used for children who are having behavioural issues. They say leaving already stressed children alone in a locked room only adds to their anxiety.

Parents who have questions regarding these kinds of children's issues, may find answers from an Alberta family law lawyer. The things that can affect family law rules may not always be cut and dry. A lawyer may be able to shed light on the areas that seem confusing to some parents.    

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