Collaborative Family Law

The end of a relationship is always difficult and can be financially and emotionally devastating. The traditional litigation model is not always the best solution for most families. Years of research have shown that the majority of cases settle and very few actually require a trial. The same research has shown the benefits of alternate dispute resolution models such as collaborative divorce and family law mediation as preferable and appropriate dispute solutions for families, especially where children involved.

Is there such a thing as a considerate, respectful divorce or separation process? Can you separate without having to go to Court? Can you have a team of professionals work with you to create and customize a solution that works best for your family? Can you get a divorce and/or separation agreement or parenting plan without spending thousands of dollars on Court applications?

The answer is yes to all of these questions. And the process that allows this to happen is called Collaborative Divorce.

Collaborative divorce lawyers are committed to working with families to resolve their disputes respectfully and without going to Court. You will have two lawyers working with you instead of one working against you. And you will have the same protections and disclosure as you do within the traditional litigation model.

The Collaborative process allows families to create parenting plans, support and asset division that work best for their own families.

The parties retain control over the process and the outcome rather than handing the decision-making power to a Court.

The process has a team of uniquely and specially trained family lawyers, coaches and financial planners available to help you with every aspect of your separation and transition.

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