Rain Henderson

Rain Henderson

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Assistant: Tiffany Gentleman | [email protected] 

This year, 2017, marks the 20 year anniversary of Henderson Heinrichs LLP in Vancouver.   Twenty years ago, Kevin Heinrichs and I made the decision to create a family law firm that would be different from others.     The goal to provide sound legal advice in all aspects of family law and related areas.   After 20 years we continue to strive to ensure that we remain a firm unlike others, in a very good way.

We each had been exposed to styles of practice that we either adopted as part of our own or determined that we would not follow. That was close to two decades ago.   Our firm has changed but the values we brought to the practice of family law in Henderson Heinrichs LLP remain true.

It is hard to believe that I have been practicing family law since 1992. During these years of practice, I remain committed to finding the best resolution for my clients using all of the resources that are available. I have been trained as a mediator and use that skill in the representation of my clients in mediations and in court. While every family case is different, my goal is to work to resolve the matter without having to go to court. Unfortunately, there are cases that have to use the court system to get to a resolution. When that happens, I remain committed to working to get a successful resolution of your case through negotiated settlement. I will not however, have my client’s interests compromised by delay or lack of action.

My role in the firm has changed over the past years as well as a result of our taking on junior lawyers that want to practice law the way it is done at Henderson Heinrichs LLP. Our lawyers have all come to us with an abundance of skill and a desire to get the job done for their clients in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible. It is a pleasure to work with my lawyers as a mentor and colleague.

After a lengthy absence from my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, I convinced Kevin that setting up an office there was the right thing to do.   It didn’t take much convincing and I timed my introduction of Edmonton to him to coincide with the beauty of the fall.  Warm weathers, beautiful colors, it was an easy sell.    Our office of Henderson Heinrichs LLP Edmonton is located in the downtown core of Edmonton.   I love seeing how the city has changed over the many years that I have been away and how the downtown core has revitalized.   Edmonton is the place to be in Alberta!    Our intention is to be that stand out family law firm in Edmonton just as we are in Vancouver!  While we are only one year old in Edmonton, our connection with the city is strong and we are looking forward to as many years in Edmonton as we have had in Vancouver.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law

Certified Legal Specialties

  • Certified Family Law Mediator