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When family law and estate planning law cross paths

There are certain instances when two separate entities under the law converge. Such might be the case when it comes to family law and estate planning law in British Columbia. In some cases, business owners may put an estate freeze [...read full post]

Estate Planning, Separation, Divorce and Blended Families

Having a Will is important no what matter your circumstances are. However, when you are going through a separation from a spouse, it can be more important than ever to ensure that you have an updated Will that properly reflects [...read full post]

Estate planning: Who inherits from you if you get divorced?

When you have been married for some time, you may want to leave your spouse a large share of your estate in your Will. However, if that relationship goes sour, it’s likely your feelings about who should inherit your assets [...read full post]

Prenuptial Agreements Are Proactive for Your Marriage

Family law is designed to assist individuals at any age and through any life transition. Moreover, the law can be as proactive as parties are comfortable. For example, we have seen an increasing number of couples rely on the clarity [...read full post]

Parties to consider consulting during a complex divorce

When two people divorce or separate, they are ultimately the ones who will be most affected by the legal settlements they reach. That said, there are other parties who may participate in the process to help each side pursue the [...read full post]

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