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Division of property: Wife shares pension despite bankruptcy

Separating couples have a lot to sort out. One of the issues that is on the table when a couple decides the marriage has come to an end is the division of property. But it can get a little tricky [...read full post]

Understanding division of property rules in divorce

A breakup can be complicated, both emotionally and practically. Couples often express their bond with each other by accumulating things as partners, such as a home, vehicles, jewelry or other valuables. British Columbia laws for division of property are not [...read full post]

Division of property: Who gets Fido or Fluffy after divorce?

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family. So when Alberta couples get divorced, there could be some nastiness about who gets to keep Fido or Fluffy when it comes time to discuss division of property. In [...read full post]

Division of property: Being prepared in the event of divorce

There’s an old adage that says nothing lasts forever. No British Columbia couple heading down the aisle thinks they will one day be facing divorce, which encompasses having to deal with issues such as the division of property. So, some [...read full post]

Division of property: Your vehicle or mine?

Yours, mine and ours. That’s the way things work in British Columbia when it comes to the division of property in a divorce situation. Assets can include all types of things from motorcycles, vehicles, property and furry family members. A [...read full post]

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