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Dividing Personal Property

How To Divide Personal Property After A Divorce Or Separation

Dividing shared personal property can be a complicated task – while some property can be divided easily, others require skilled negotiation tactics and further calculations to arrive at reasonable solutions.

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Real Estate Property Division

Division of Real Property

Dividing the home you have built with another person can be a difficult decision to make and follow through with. Emotions, hurt feelings and the uncertainty of the future can all impact the position each party

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Division of property: Wife shares pension despite bankruptcy

Separating couples have a lot to sort out. One of the issues that is on the table when a couple decides the marriage has come to an end is the division of property. But it can get a little tricky [ full post]

What is family property?

Dividing property in a divorce or separation can cause stress and concern for many people.

Add in confusion over what is and is not eligible for division and people can get overwhelmed. However, learning what to expect from the process [ full post]

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