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Family law: Divorce can actually be a positive move forward

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: March 16, 2020
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Divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of a family. Family law has changed over the years and in the 21st century the family dynamic looks much different than it did decades ago. Former spouses in British Columbia who are parents can still maintain a bond with their children that includes spending holidays together and doing family things with their kids — if they choose to maintain a civil relationship.

In fact, it is much more healthy for the children when their parents can remain cordial with each other, if not best friends. Some experts — including lawyers — say that divorce can be healthier for children than living in a household in which their parents are always fighting and in agony. Things may actually become better for all concerned when a couple divorces.

Divorce can actually be viewed as a positive in many respects by removing negativity from the home and by allowing individuals to evolve on their own. In essence, divorce can provide each individual with new opportunities and that can be very healthy for any children of the marriage. Divorce is no longer looked at as being socially unacceptable and as such removes much of the guilt once associated with it.

A lawyer experienced in British Columbia family law can explain the divorce process to a client who is struggling about making a decision so that decision can be an informed one. A compassionate lawyer understands that making the decision to divorce is not an easy one or one taken lightly by his or her client. But understanding the laws that accompany divorce may help reduce the stress of making that decision.

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