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Family law: Co-parenting effectively after divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: March 20, 2020
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Couples who decide to divorce likely have had issues with communicating. However, couples who are parents and who are divorcing need to come together to discuss those issues that will affect their children. Thankfully, there are co-parenting tips under family law that may help parents to agree to do what’s in the best interests of their kids.

There are ways to co-parent positively and doing so will bode well for the children in a number of ways. Keeping things out of a courtroom (or avoiding litigation) is a goal to which all separating and divorcing parents should aspire. Collaboration is a much better way of keeping hold of control regarding issues that affect a divorcing couple’s children. By being respectful toward each other, parents may be able to fashion a co-parenting plan that meets the needs of everyone — especially of the kids.

Parents need to remember that fair does not necessarily mean equal and sometimes sharing access to the children on a 50-50 basis is not always best for them, but parents need to figure that out. In many cases, independent legal advice should be sought. Rules may not be the same in each household, so it’s important parents come to an agreement on those things that are really crucial like schooling and health care.

Co-Parenting Plan

A lawyer familiar with family law may be able to help a client draft a co-parenting plan that meets children’s needs. A lawyer excels at helping a client to find constructive compromises. A lawyer should know all the details a parenting plan needs to succeed in the long term.

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