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Family law: Avoid mistakes that could cost you in a divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: February 3, 2020
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Making the decision to end a marriage can be fraught with all kinds of emotions. When couples in Alberta decide that divorce is the only option for them, luckily they may be able to garner some help from provincial family law information. However, there are some mistakes that might make the going tougher and it’s important to know what they are, so they can be avoided.

Not gathering together all the documents needed for the divorce process may be the first big mistake. These usually include bank statements, major asset amounts such as the worth of a family home, receipts for any home improvements made, tax statements showing yearly earnings of both individuals, the values of any stocks and bonds as well as any debts incurred. No one wants to believe that a former spouse may run off with everything that’s in the bank, but it has been known to happen, so leaving joint accounts open may not be in the best interest of either person.

Some couples may believe that their divorce will ultimately end up in court, but that isn’t normally so. With tools today like collaborative law and mediation, most couples are able to resolve any contentious issues outside of a courtroom. As long as both people broach the situation will the goal of a positive outcome, litigation should not be necessary.

A lawyer experienced in family law in Alberta has the best interests of his or her clients at heart. A lawyer may be the best person to help a client to avoid potentially costly mistakes during a divorce. He or she has family law tools at the ready to guide clients.

Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyers | Henderson Heinrichs LLP
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