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Family law: Some vaccination debates end up in court

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: January 22, 2020
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The decision to immunize or not to immunize children is creating issues in the judicial system. Family law in British Columbia always has the best interests of children in mind and recently, a B.C. judge ruled that two children should be immunized as per the provincial immunization schedule — much to the disapproval of their mother. The judge also ruled that the children’s father should make decisions on the children’s behalf regarding medical and dental procedures.

More parents across the country have been taking these types of immunization disputes to court. Judges are saying cases that involve science and medicine are much more challenging since they must decide whether the science backing the issues is valid. These issues can be extremely complex.

The National Judicial Institute has put together a 220-page manual for judges to evaluate complex scientific data that often accompanies these cases. It chronicles what to look for in evidence as well as how to ascertain if witnesses are biased. Experts suggest one way to keep vaccine issues from ending up in court is through further education and by stopping the spread of misinformation.

British Columbia residents who have questions regarding complex family law issues that concern children might wish to speak with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer is in a position to offer advice as it pertains to provincial laws like those which speak to vaccinations. Parents who have concerns about doing what is best for their children might want to make sure that what they intend to do or don’t intend to do meets with the letter of the law.

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