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Family law: Is an amicable divorce really possible?

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: January 28, 2020
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Divorce doesn’t have to be an all-out war. With the family law tools available in British Columbia, divorce can actually be quite amicable. The less stress a divorce creates on the family unit, the better — especially when children are involved. With tools like mediation and collaborative divorce available to divorcing couples, the whole process can involve compassion and understanding.

The reason a couple divorces can be as individual as the couple, but often emotions are running on full speed when it comes to separation or divorce, so thinking there will be some sort of immediate emotional closure may be misguided. Divorce is a transition phase in which many issues need to get sorted out such as those relating to children. Once those are looked after, a couple can make decisions on the financial aspects of the dissolution of their marriage.

With the help of independent legal counsel, a couple could sidestep the courts altogether, which is a very wise idea. Taking matters to court takes away the control of important things like the division of property, child custody and child support. It is best if a couple can make those decisions on their own or with the help of their lawyers. Another wise piece of advice according to experts, is for each person not to make disparaging comments about the other in front of their children and to try to maintain some level of civility.

A British Columbia lawyer experienced in family law may be able to help his or her client to reach a divorce agreement in the most amicable way possible. Having some knowledge about the laws that accompany the divorce process may make life much less stressful. That could be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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