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Family law: Do therapists ever suggest divorce?

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: January 14, 2020
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Many couples who are having marital difficulties try therapy to sort out their issues. There are some tools under family law in Alberta that may help them, but when they have pretty much tried everything including therapy and nothing seems to be working, do therapists ever recommend divorce to end the suffering? Most therapists say they steer clear of giving advice of any kind and let the couple make their own decisions.

Some therapists have told couples there is nothing more they can do for them when no progress is being made. Some couples might want to continue to communicate to keep their marriages in tact and even the slightest hint from a therapist who doesn’t think that is possible may be detrimental. Many therapists suggest if a couple has been to a therapist who advises divorce, they might do well to seek out a different therapist.

The decision to divorce, experts say, should come from the couple, not from any outside party, including a therapist. Even when a couple outright asks a therapist if he or she believes they should divorce, most therapists won’t answer the question. If there are signs of physical abuse, a therapist will help the victim to get whatever he or she needs and may suggest leaving a threatening relationship.

Couples make the decision to divorce for all kinds of reasons. When that decision has been made without outside influence, each person would do well to seek independent advice from a lawyer experienced in Alberta family law. A lawyer may be able to answer any questions on those issues which may seem confusing and help his or her client through the divorce process.

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