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Alberta children’s issues: Fight over parents’ rights and GSAs

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: December 17, 2019
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Wild Rose Country’s premier says parents know what’s best for their children. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says his government will repeal Bill 24, which says teachers or principals must not divulge certain information to parents about their children like Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) and their participation in those activities in schools. This has been one of the more contentious children’s issues in the province.

The bill applies to all children in school — even those in kindergarten. Kenney says his government will leave Bill 10 in place, which speaks to all schools in Alberta setting up a GSA or to hold GSA activities if requested by students. Some parents are concerned that these GSAs advocate things that are not in line with their own familial morals.

Kenney’s United Conservation Party (UCP) government says students have the right to set up GSAs at schools, but that parents should also have the right to voice their opinions on them. Bill 10 actually requires schools to set up GSAs using that name, rather than labelling them peer support groups. The UPCs believe parents should have the main role regarding the education of their children when it comes to delicate issues like gay rights.

Parents who have questions about the legal aspects of children’s issues in Alberta might find some answers from an experienced family law attorney. These issues can be complex and confusing and often take a lawyer’s acumen to provide a clear and concise explanation of them. As well, children also have rights — including the right to speak to a lawyer when they have questions about issues that could affect them legally.

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