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Family law: Helping kids the first Christmas after divorce

Written by: HHLaw (View All Posts ) Published: November 27, 2019
Categorized: Family Law.

Major holidays like Christmas are usually a time for revelry, happiness and merrymaking. But for some British Columbia residents who have experienced a loss, the first holiday after that loss can be miserable whether it is losing someone through death, separation or divorce. When it is through divorce, couples who are parents may be able to find some solace when dealing with what they’re going through by way of family law tools that may help to make decisions easier — things like co-parenting plans.

Most people who go through a divorce also need time to grieve and yet the person they’ve lost may still be a part of their lives especially when they share children. Divorce is somewhat akin to death in that the family unit as it once was is no longer, and the feelings accompanying that realization may be intensive over the holiday season. It is crucial to make the transition as easy as possible for children by allowing them to express their feelings, especially when they are likely not spending Christmas Day with both parents.

Parents should discuss plans with their children and allow them to weigh in on decisions. Let them know when they will see mom and when they will see dad and start them on the road to making new traditions. Expect that children may need comforting as they transition into their new way of spending the holidays. Surrounding them with love, care and understanding will help them to feel less isolated.

There are so many things that divorce and separation impact. Helping children deal with changes will help them to adjust to new situations. It is important that parents have a road map to help their kids process their parents’ divorce. Having the guidance and advice of a British Columbia family law lawyer may help a client to do what’s best for his or her children, especially during festive occasions.

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